Have you ever heard a laughing rooster? They are supposed to make a morning call for the people to wake up in the morning. But, sometimes these roosters make such weird sound that it gets impossible to control your laughter. Many people think that roosters cannot laugh as they make a “Cock-a-doodle-doo” sound. This video would surely prove them wrong. Watch this video of a hilarious rooster who is making a weird noise that sounds like a cackling laugh. If you are in need of a good hysterical laugh, then watch this funny video of a rooster.

In this video, you can see a rooster making a weird sound. He seems like he is announcing a morning call. However, as he begins making the sound it turns into a hysterical laugh. Anyone who have had a rough day or is in a bad mood should watch this video and enjoy a guaranteed laugh. In the beginning when you look at this beautiful white rooster, you would never suspect anything strange, but as soon as he opens his mouth to crow you would hear a sound you might never have heard before. While this poor little crow while laughing he also stretches doing his early morning routine. This is some entertaining video that everyone should watch to have a good laugh.



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