Fighting business is tough, it’s all about striking with the right moves at the right time. And for that one obviously needs to be in shape, yeah? Well we all thought so too. But this guy proves us wrong in the most surprising way.

Meet Nelson ‘Big Country’ Roy. He is a UFC champion, competing in the heavy weight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He currently stands 12th in the overall ranking of the championship. Other fighters fear him out on the rink. He himself is very confident about people being scared of him as he states that once they fight him, they wouldn’t want to fight him again. When one may look at his physique, they would probably think ‘oh, he’s so out of shape! This is going to be easy’. But this fighter proves you don’t always need a 6 pack to be in the championship. With a flabby stomach, he is not even close to fit, but he tends to out do all the other players on the rink. He knocks out his rivals in seconds.

This video shows a compilation of his famous wins, knocking his opponents out within seconds and being hailed as a winner! He is a proof that your fighting skills must be polished to win the competition rather than your lean body.



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