Have you noticed how women anchors on different television news channels dress, especially on the cable news channels? It is confusing to understand if they are going to tell you about the city’s update or if they going clubbing. Most of the women dress like they are running for Miss America Award. Why do these women wear clothes such as sleeveless dresses, low cut necklines, tight sweater and pants which make them appear provocatively sexy? Anchorwomen moving around their news seats in those 6 inch high heels wearing nearly thigh high skirts, makes us question where the media is leading our new generation to?

Watch this video and you will see why we have stressed upon the dress code of TV anchors. In this video, a woman is presenting daily weather broadcast wearing just a blue thigh high skirt showing off more than could be expected. You will not know until she will turn around. This is a Mexican news channel on which a woman is clearly navigating sexuality and is a tad over dressed for such a profession. To be honest, American weather girls are no competition to these flawless ladies. Well, if you ask me, it was quite difficult to pay attention to what she was saying about tomorrow’s weather. Too much distraction!



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