To talk about the daring men on Youtube than we guess VitalyzdTV will make it to the top of the list because this man is not only an evil prankster but he is one daring man who also has no issues standing up against black men that are indeed men of steel and one punch right in his face can be brutal. One reason that maybe he stands against all the people is the fact that he too has some kind of a muscle and build up body so if in a day there is a chance for a street fight, he will give them a piece of him too.

This time this dare devil took his pranks to another level where he actually picked up girls in their arms snatching them right from their boyfriend’s arms. Like seriously, what dude in the real world dares to do that because he can seriously get laid down in the coffin for doing that. But he sure got a very good experience because there were some very protective men and one in particular were so chill about it that they got him embarrassed for all that by the end. Cheers for Vitalyzd when he actually stood up against that huge black guy.



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