Sage Northcutt is one of the latest fighters who joined the UFC. He being a 19 year old teenagers does not seem to be very powerful to participate in the world kickboxing champion but it was to Dana’s surprise that he performed way better than his expectations. The kick boxer has been receiving training in numerous other martial arts from a very tender age therefore his body at the age of 19 was fully capable of competing with any other kick boxer. Sage has been competing in jujitsu, wrestling, tae-kwon-do and kick boxing. Not only this, he is also known to be a boxing trainer.

Before the match had begun Dana was observed mocking one of the fighters while looking at his profile along with a couple of friends mainly because of this fighter had an ‘Abercrombie model’ look. Dana and his group continue making fun of him until the time they go watch the fight.

Turns out this model looking Sage Northcutt brutally defeats his opponent at such a tender age in the world championship. Since it was so unexpected for Dana and his group, Sage took the limelight and proved everybody’s perception wrong.



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