Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds, all you need to know is that you are true from the heart so that you can recognize the work of a true hero and appreciate them for what they are doing and motivate them to keep on doing what is right and just and what is better for the people at mass. Real hero do not need super powers or fancy costumes, they need courage, determination and will power to fight against the evils in the society and bring peace in the surroundings.

Our war heroes are such super heroes who have devoted their lives in bringing peace in the region and protecting the life and will of those fellow citizens that are back at home. They sacrifice their lives, their happiness just so they can fight against the evil that are heartless and fight in the name of religion that they don’t even believe in. Toby Keith a hero too in himself brings a war hero on stage at his St. Louis show and pays tribute along with him to red, blue and white. It is heartwarming to see the warrior mustering the courage to put himself on stage and willing to sing a duet to bring forth the happiness that is still around him.



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