Now every other kid wants to hit mark on their video after it gets uploaded on the internet. It is like they are literally eating, sleeping, playing, dating and pranking for the love of the internet, nobody intends on to do anything for their real life experiences. It is just so they can maintain their profile well over the internet. With the kids openly pranking strangers and going over the board with their pranks and end up getting arrested is now becoming the new trend. It is the, ‘put it in the coffin’ trend. The prank is where kids are seen throwing themselves on stuff and destroying other people’s property. They throw themselves on car hoods, store shelves and what not.

When a group of kids took it to the restaurants and fast food chains it was like a whole new door has been opened for them. But it didn’t take much long before karma kicked in and everything tossed and turned within seconds for this kid, who decided to do it all on the Dunkin Donuts cash counter. Karma simply busted this kids a** so badly that he might never want to attempt this prank on anyone ever again and would rather want all kinds of memories wiped out of his brain.



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