Kickboxing involves a lot of tough moves, hitting and jabbing, kicking and pinning the opponent down. It can sometimes be very serious and turn into emergency cases. A similar kind of scene happened at this Ultimate Fighting Championship. In the video, two opponents Adam and Uriah are face to face on the rink, they both are tough players with skilled moves. Adam is confident with his moves, while Uriah is very unpredictable with his body- the other opponent can’t guess what his next move will be.

Adam, this time was taken by much surprise, when Uriah, taking the opportunity of Adam standing still for a second, kicked him right in the face knocking him out on the floor. With his impulsive moves Uriah celebrates victory- but 10 seconds later he realizes that Adam has become partially unconscious, with his nose bleeding and his eyes completely knocked out, as he struggles to breathe. Everyone comes around to help him, tension is evident on everyone’s face and Dana White, president of UFC is worried and shocked at the same time.

Slowly Adam starts to recover he first sits up, and is being asked by doctors if he can see properly or if he’s feeling any numbness, he was lucky that he was fine and he stood up few minutes later; that made Uriah a bit calm, everyone is happy enough that they got Adam back, and Uriah celebrates his victory and hugs Adam. Dana White explains how the whole knockout happened and says that this is the nastiest knockout he has ever witnessed in the fighting business.



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