Never ever think twice about a dog’s commitment towards you because this is something that will tear its heart into pieces. A dog lives by the day to see its owner rise and shine, be safe and to be around him to love, cuddle and play. It can never imagine a day without seeing the face of its beloved owner that is simply impossible for that little soul.

This report proves what a genuine soul these dogs are. When this old woman went out at night to clear away her trash, she was bumped down to the ground with a loud thud and was held under an assault where the criminal kept demanding for money. The only thing that the old woman can think of at that time was to call out for her dog champ who was inside the house. It didn’t take champ less than a minute to run towards his owner and make the criminal’s stay as short as possible. If it weren’t for champ’s efforts she would’ve suffered a lot. This 11.5yr old Pitbull is said to have never shown any signs of aggression prior to this incidence.



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