Nobody can actually claim to be talking to their pets especially cats and dogs because all the pet owners know that animals don’t talk and really cats and dogs don’t say much other than a causal meow or a bark. Parrots on the other hand are capable of speaking the words they pick up from our vocabulary but still they won’t talk back to you. So when this French guy made it to the Britain’s Next Talent show the audience as well as the judges didn’t know what they were up for. You know how critical Simon is of everything that anyone comes to do for. This time Simon too was in for a huge surprise.

The guy has a strong bond between him and his dog and this is how he is going to show the world how strong the bond is. The guy claims that his dog can speak and so he shows them all as well. But what this all exactly is nothing more than a very clever play of puppetry. But you know you can handle your muppets if they are made of wood or cotton but to handle a living animal that will respond to each and every of your dialogue is a result of some excellent training.



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