It is not easy to be away from their country and to be in the mood to be aggressive and protective all the time. A man has all kinds of emotions and to practice just one aspect of being a human turns out to be deathly. But sometimes when you get into the profession of being an army man this is all what you have as an option, anger, protection and the sense of security.

Here is the footage shared by the veterans themselves where they are having a good time on their part. They are having a time with their friends, dancing and grooving to the famous tune. You know it was like one of those boring days and then suddenly someone put the song on speaker and everyone was immediately set into the mood to have some fun time. This video is surely that day and look at them, these guys look so happy and ecstatic that they are actually making others giggle along with them. It is indeed to have time to cherish such experiences throughout one’s life and to have friends that will hold on to you through thick and thin.



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