Dogs are always protective over their owners. No matter what obstacle comes between them, dogs will surpass it to protect humans. Dogs are not much afraid of anything when it comes to the safety of their owners, yet there is one obstacle that they can’t really surpass and that obstacle is cats. It is known that dogs chase after cats; however, cats can confine them immediately. In this video, it is unusual, yet hilarious to watch these dogs terrified by the cats. These cats are able to stop the dogs in their tracks no matter how badly they want to get past them.

In this video, you can see a number of clips in which the dogs are trying to get past the cats to reach their owners. It doesn’t matter if the cat is on the stairs or a doorway, but these dogs seem to be lost. You can hear the dog’s owners calling on them but these dogs try their best to get past the cats still failed. The expressions of these dogs are enough to make you laugh out loud. At the end of the video, these dogs finally get past, but these cats aren’t going to let them pass that easily as they pat their claws on these dogs’ legs. Watch this hilarious video that will make your jaw hurt from laughing.



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