There have been tremendous chatters about the night Kimbo Slice ferociously knocked the hell out of James Thompson and his ear exploded and started bleeding. It was a fight that everyone will keep talking about for a very long time. It only took seconds for Kimbo Slice to land a heavy punch on James Thompson, which injured his ear badly. The third round of the fight ended before it could even begin. The injury led the third round to be dismissed immediately by the referee. It was a horrific ending for Thompson fans, while the Slice fandom will definitely watch the videos a thousand times. The humiliation of such a defeat left Thompson so belligerent that he almost got into a fight with the referee.

Champions have been fighting in the Bellator Mixed Martial Arts for passion, glory and respect. It has produced countless champions and both Slice and Thompson are one of them. There is nothing like the addiction of being in the game and fighting for your honor. It is the game admired by many and watched by millions.

It has been said that Thompson has not lost a single fight in six months until the day he was almost snuffed by Slice. Both of them are the greatest fighters of all time. Slice even defeated Houston Alexander in The Ultimate Fighter: Heavy Weights finale.



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