If you are living in America and you want to show patriotism towards your country, what is so bad in that? Since when it has become offensive to put an American flag in the balcony – is it a crime to show patriotism towards your country? America is an independent country and freedom is its one of the topmost rights. You should be free to express patriotism towards what you are proud of. In this video, a man in Texas was told to remove the American flag from his balcony because the manager of the building thinks it’s a threat to the Muslim community.

In this video, this Texas guy has been living in Lodge El Dorado apartments and to show patriotism towards his country and for the ones who died for this country he put an American flag in his balcony. However, the manager of the apartments told him to take down the flag because it is a threat to the Muslim community. It actually doesn’t make sense because they are all living in America, so why was he asked to take down an American flag. This guy told a reporter that some of the Muslims neighbors also complained. But, when the reporter went to ask the property manager about this issue they refused to answer any question. In the end, this Texas guy said he is going to leave the flag there until the manager shows any proof that he doesn’t have any right to put his flag there.



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