Even for a pianist it is quite difficult to play piano in a public place. Only professional and enthusiasts are able to do that. However, watch this homeless person with tremendous skill who plays a piano in a public place as the passersby film him and praise him for his talent. Pianos were placed on different streets of downtown Sarasota, Florida by civic arts as a project for giving a platform to the people to express themselves. But, you would have never expected someone like Donald Gould. He is a homeless man who has a terrific talent to play piano. Watch this amazing video and see how talented this homeless person is.

In this video, you can see a bearded man playing come sail away on a public piano. He has placed his Boston Red Sox hat on the piano for the people to give him tips. I am sure he would have never expected that his tremendous piano skill would make him viral over the internet. The girls filming this video can be heard talking about how hard it is to play a piano like that. Gould captured many hearts with his amazing piano talent as many passersby stopped by filmed him and gave him tips.



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