A 22 year old Canadian athlete from Kitchener in Ontario was crushed by a 360 pound boulder while competing in the Bavarian Strongman Challenge held during the Oktoberfest in 2012. He was on the fourth and final boulder in the atlas stones event when the strain of lifting the boulder made him to black out for a few seconds. He fell to the ground with boulder crashing on top of his chest from head high. Incredibly, while this had the potential to kill the man, Craig Bongelli not only survived the crush, he got by with only a few bruises and scratches.

Supporting that weight like that for too long crushes the air out of your lungs and the blood out of your heart. He needed to switch to pressing and leg drive instead of trying to set it once he got it on the lip. At least he is ok. Stones is not a short man event for sure. That’s why you don’t see many strongman competitors under 6’3″ any more. A lot of the events are just too high and risky for shorter competitors.



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