Children are a gift of God. They are little precious gems and for parents these beautiful creatures are their little bundles of joy. People sometimes struggle to have children and when they are blessed with a boy or a girl, they make sure to take care of them and give them all the safe and security they need. However, some people fail to provide that security and face the consequences. No matter how old you are children would always make you feel something different. You would play with them and make them laugh. But this awful young adult didn’t realize the prominence of a little 6 year old girl.

In this video, you will witness a dreadful story of a 6 month old baby girl, L’Naya who was raped and killed by this terrible crazy man. This cracked man had been babysitting this 6 month old baby. Official had stated that little L’Naya was brought to the Rapid City Regional Hospital with several injuries and soon was declared dead. The babysitter, Houchin was arrested for second degree murder and first degree rape. In his trial the murderer was charged and set to cash only bond for about $5 million. It is really shocking to see this kind of brutality over just a 6 month old angel.



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