Many of us will be aware of the famous, Sonny Bills, a professional rugby player and also a heavy weight boxer. What’s really cute is when famous players have good skills and a kind heart as well! This man seems to be having a lot of compassion for his fans.

This video illustrates Sonny Bills’ little act of kindness that took over the internet like crazy. Well it was ought to! The video shows a clip from the end of the rugby match after Bills’ team had won and while they were walking off of the field a young little boy ran towards him from the seats to the field in a flash. The security guard can be seen running after him grabbing him but this kid manages to tackle the guard and run straight towards Sonny and hug him tight. The security tries to free him from the famous player but Sonny with a kind heart tells off the security guard and hugs the little kid back. The kid is ecstatic the huge smile won’t go off of his face while the player continues to treat him with love and affection. Photographers and videographers encircle them while Sonny walks to the seats towards the little kid’s family hand in hand with the kid. But that’s not it, the player then takes off the medal he’s wearing around his neck and puts it around the kid’s neck. This made the kid extremely happy that he cannot even contain and kept hugging the player tight! Day equals to made for both of them.



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