Kids do the finest of things when the parents least expect them and then parents run after them time after time and ask them to do it again and they get all naggy and irritated because they can’t even remember what they did in the first place that got them all excited and now they don’t know how to do it all again. Kids learn things mostly by the examples that are set in front of them. If they are doing the right kind of things then you should be really impressed of yourselves otherwise you need to rethink of you priorities in front of your kids.

This dad simply asked her 17 year old little angel to sing the Amazing Grace to him one more time so that he can obviously record it. The little kid in her innocent voice that can’t even pronounce most of the words out of the Grace, did such a heartwarming job that you can actually feel your eyes wet by the end of the song. The little angle so happy and pleased for making her daddy proud of what she is singing and the dad is equally ecstatic of her voice. How little kid can go on and make their parents proud with such a little gesture.



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