Women are pretty shallow and there aren’t many men left who understand this fact. They know what women these days typically want in exchange for s*x and that is a whole bunch of money that goes into pampering them, in their food, their mobile expenses and don’t even question about the shopping bills. These women will rip you off with just a month long of a relationship and you’d be better off without even having a woman along with you.

This guy at Model Pranks had a genius idea to expose some women who are crazy about getting famous in the shortest amount of time so what do they do? They look out for people who are on the verge of becoming successful and then they stick to them like leeches. The guy when approached her like any other normal guy and asked her to become a random friend she let him down mentioning about her boyfriend and the minute this very guy appeared as a celebrity she popped right in front of him with a selfie request, a kiss on the cheek and even agreed going back to his hotel room. The dude simply ripped her off in front of everyone saying he doesn’t do the boyfriend thing.



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