The world knows what kind of a relationship a father and daughter share amongst each other. A man is always a girl’s King, her savior and her superhero. A daughter always looks up to her father for all kinds of physical help and at times emotional help as well. Also it is a father’s duty to always protect her from all kinds of evil because we all know what dad’s are for.

So of all the protection and respecting and taking care of stuff, there are even times when a father and daughter share some amazing and cheerful moments one of which has been captured by the mother while they two were supposed to be cleaning. The song that is playing in the background is supposed to be their favorite and they just couldn’t control their feet and went in on for a dance off. It is hard to say which side to pick as a winner because both of them have got some really smooth, killer moves. It surely is a dad’s job to bring in the laughter inside the house and this dad is doing of hell of an amazing job.



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