One would probably give up in a situation where their jaw gets dislocated, and they get so badly bruised that they can hardly go on. But champions are not made by backing down. It takes a true fighter to fight until the end and to win! Current and the only UFC bantam champion woman, Ronda Rousey, did not surrender; her will to win was greater than any pain. She was ready to become a paralyzed even die just for the victory.

This video illustrates what Ronda Rousey had to go through and how she fought for victory. Her opponent Carmouche, defending herself, jumps on Rouseys back and twists her neck, punches her mouth, while Rousey can not even fight back. But there’s only a time until the fighter decides to take no more! Rousey took the chance, and threw Carmouche to the floor, she was now in the position where her opponent became helpless, she kicks her and punches her in the chest, taking advantage of her position she kneels on the floor grabs her neck by the arm and punches her in the head, all the while carmouche trying helplessly to get hold of the situation. Suffering injuries that would make any one squirm Rousey refused to back down and that’s how she became a champion.



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