Brock Lesnar, is an ex UFC heavyweight champion. Lesnar is known for his amazing wrestling skills; he is considered not only resilient and tough, but a combatant that knows how to survive in a field as rough as Wrestling.

He had an amazing wrestling record- in his senior year at Webster High School his journey was quite a success as a wrestler all the way as a professional WWE and UFC champion. After making his debut in 2000, he became one of the most dominant WWE champions up to this day.

In 2000, Lesnar won the NCAA Division. This rare footage shows how Lesnar exhibits his strength as a combatant demonstrating his true potential, which to this day is considered one of the most memorable wrestling moves. His fans called it the legendary ‘Wheel of Death’ move.

The video shows how his opponent tried an offensive attempt to went head inside and Lesnar tackles this move by turning it in to a ‘cartwheel’ style and concluding it by leaving the opponent on his back. By pulling off this remarkable move Lesnar earned a position in second NCAA finals, and he ended up becoming a national champion. Even today, this move is recognized as one of the most dangerous yet astonishing moves in the wrestling field.



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