Youtube has witnessed the couple for as long as someone can remember they have seen them as a boyfriend and girlfriend couple that turned into husband and wife but then things never changed for this couple. They never stopped treating each other like their friend. They pranked each other and kept on doing till things started getting wild and wild. Both of these have had the dose of hard time when they got caught in an extreme prank and then again they always came back with an even worse kind of prank, for Kim it was like more than enough when Jim kept on having the upper hand on her.

But she got him back by calling in the Gurus of pranks VitalyzdTV and Dennis now when it is like that you have the gurus involved things are getting wild beyond imagination. Poor Jim had no idea what on earth was supposed to happen to him when he was tied to the chair with the thought that he is supposed to get pictured but with those spiders coming along it was like he saw the face of death in his own eyes.



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