Heavyweight division requires some big and tough men. The tough and resilient make it as the champions, so if one has got what it takes, they might have some luck. Some passionate fighters, work out day and night, just to achieve the ideal body and weight to bag a place in the fighting business, and some, are just God-gifted.

Meet, Nikolai Valuev, he was born on August 21, 1973 in St. Petersburg. Boxing fanatics would be quite familiar with his name; he is the World Boxing Association heavyweight champion. One would think, why is he praised so much over the others, the very interesting secret behind this is his height, weight and to top all that off skills! A three in one package, you see. This boxing champion stands, 7 feet and 2 inches tall; with grave, solemn facial expressions (his uni-brow is like a cherry on top to define that feature though). Not only his height, but he weigh 328 pounds and so far has fought 45 fights, and won them all! This video shows clippings from his fights where he took charge and defeated his opponent, it’s a legit explanation as to why he is being called ‘The Russian Giant’.



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