So people actually love to go to concerts and games because at some point they have this inner voice telling them that tonight they are going to be the star in the audience and the cameramen would simply won’t let go of them and will cover their presence again and again and will put them on that huge screen as if they were a celebrity. This is the reason why some women dress like ramp models and guys completely idiot so that they can actually attract a cameraman’s attention.

But when this guy got a chance to be recorded for a live tv and he knew that this was his first ever time he made sure that the camera won’t leave his face for the next minute or so. He hilariously pulled off as many stupid faces, signs and gangsters movements as he could. In fact the women had on his sides had to stop because a) they were really embarrassed of him and b) he took away all their limelight so there was no point left in it anyhow. This guy just blew everyone’s presence that came after him or before him on the screen.



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