Dogs are pretty skeptical about when their masters are having food. No matter when you feed them, whatever you feed them, whenever you will be seated to have a good time on your own with your food, they will place themselves right next to you in order to demand your food. They will simply not let you eat on your own even if they like or dislike what you’re eating. This master was really mad at his husky because it did something that has always angered him.

When the husky went on to put his mouth in his plate, yet again, the master decided it was time to give the husky a good dose of his words. But the husky was not only denying his actions but was also rebelling against the master’s words but was also busy adding up his points on the table. Surely the master was doing the right thing by letting the dog know what a bad dog it was and it should take control of his senses and not to do things that he has been clearly banned from doing. That was is plate and his food; there was surely no place for its nose in the business.



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