Who remembers Will Smith starring famous comedy TV series Fresh Prince of Bel Air, well I guess majority who grew up in that era does. It was an amazing show and the way Will took up the series was beyond amazing. I mean Will is amongst those guys who turn stuff to gold whenever they make the determination to actually work for something.

So what is this Cold Open about? Jimmy Fallon recently moves from the Rockefeller Centre New York to the studios in LA and this change reminded Fallon about the change Will had to go through when he was asked to move from Philly to Bel-Air, which is not almost the same thing but can be compared since Fallon came up with such wondrous lyrics for the Bel-Air rap that you don’t even recognize if these are the improvised lyrics or if he is singing the original song. The parody is spot on since Fallon has replicated the moves marvelously. Fallon had also done quite a few parodies of old shows before and it seems that this guy has got the hold of his work and knows what business he is doing, kudos to the good job Fallon.



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