NYC is the place baby because here you will get to see so much and so weird that you will think twice about yourself and your worth. This place is filled with talented people who just want to make it big and this is nothing short of a major achievement for this place. People from all across the country and also from the world come over to NYC and make sure they are in the right kind of grove.

So Model Pranksters yet again in association with and are in NYC and they are going to teach us all how fascinating it is to be ordering at mc Donald’s like a boss. This video is not a piece of cake that you end up saying, ‘hold my beer’. This is some pretty darn talented work that needs a lot of practice and learning. First the guy gives away his basic menu and then he asks the salesman to wait and then comes the rap bomb. The way this dude rapped almost the entire menu at Mc Donald’s was beyond being superb. The people as well as the crew at Mc Donald’s were held back by his performance.



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