It is always sad to see someone’s pictures or old videos when that person has left the world to meet yet another world. It is hard to believe that they have given us so much and yet there is so much more left behind them that we would always want to do along with them. But all these are just wishes that will never be fulfilled because once a loved one meets the dust there is no way or passage for them to return.

Paul Walker was one of those great people that were always ready to cheer everyone up. In the limited time that they lived on this planet they were busy spreading smiles on everyone’s faces. This is a rare behind the scenes footage of Paul impersonating his best friend and brother Vin Diesel and he is a really canny kind of a guy who is perfect in his work. Tyrese another key player of the cast calls Paul from behind and tells him that he has been looking for him but when he sees Paul dressed up like Vin he warns him that he will surely kick his a** if he sees all this.



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