Most people involved in the fighting business, especially in the heavyweight division must be familiar with Kimbo Slice. Those who don’t, he was a ‘youtube celebrity’ to whom luck was very kind, and is now turned into a professional boxer, and not only this he is now headlining Bellator MMA fight cards so that makes him a mixed martial artist too. Slice also was a part of the UFC’s ultimate fighter reality show. Luck was very kind to him after all.

But who is this person that goes by the name Dada 5000? Most fanatics are not familiar with this new name as well. His real name is Dhaffir Harris, with tough angry looks and a leaning body, perfect as a MMA fighter. Many of them would be surprised when they find out who he is! He is also a backyard fighter turned into a professional heavyweight division boxer just like Kimbo Slice; he too was an internet sensation. He has only fought two fights and won both of them so his record goes 2-0. Here’s for the surprising part, Dada 5000 at one time served as Kimbo Slice’s bodyguard!
And now in this video Slice is face to face with Dada 5000. Two great fighters, in the cage face to face, that ought to be exciting! Dada 5000 defeated Kimbo Slice in the video and that is what the hype is all about.



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