Abby and Sarah are these remarkable twins that have been blessed with such magnificent voices by birth. It is actual a talent from birth because they are just 10-11 years old and their voices have become such raw and cooked up as if they had been singing for ages and their fingers are firing up on the guitar like they had been doing this from inside the womb. It is such a blessing to watch your children being so talented and you have the ability to showcase their talent out in the public. Both the twins are in full control of each other and know how to balance and synch up well in time. Here in this video the twins have taken a turn to produce their very own version of the song ‘I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. When the duo starts singing the songs breaks in by Abby and when little Sarah joins in the song turns up to a whole new level. You simply wish you can keep on listening to it and that there is no return from there because their voices are so darn soulful. Bet their parents will be ready to make these girls superstars very soon enough and enjoy their babies to be in the limelight.



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