Many people hate going to gym because that requires hour long effort including pack stuff for the gym, leaving and driving to the gym, unpacking, working out, sweating like hell, again repacking and back to the house all tired as a crack head. I mean what is the point of all this effort because you can easily sweat half of it by simply walking up to the car. Like seriously a treadmill makes you lose only a pinch of your calories consumed.

This man however apart from looking all s*xy on the treadmill has shown the best cardio workout with Uptown Punk in the background. I mean the way the guy is moving and shaking and having a groovy time on the treadmill had made it look so easy that I’m sure Ill be half dead just 1 minute pass this routine. But still he is swaying so smoothly and he is jumping as if he bloody doesn’t even have any weight. Better get to the gym next time and have the song all set in the playlist and start dancing to the music before everyone else notices what the hell you are you up to, but we are pretty sure that everyone else might join in too.



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