What happens when you come across a wild animal, what would be your first instinctive reaction? You will definitely scream your lungs out and will definitely run about here and there in order to get a place to save your life. But what happens when someone disguises as a wild animal and surprises you in an unexpected place? Well, you will definitely react in the same way.

Here Fousey Tube a famous Youtuber brought the very same thing in a public toilet. He set up a toilet filled with bananas and a friend dressed up in a gorilla suit. Some unsuspecting men got into the toilet and when they were busy doing their thing the gorilla popped right at them sometimes even when they were doing their business. Thos brave men didn’t even think of their willy once when they hopped on to the wall to save their lives. The gorilla was quite convincing through his actions and he fooled quite lot men in that toilet and finally unfortunately he even had to gulp down that punch from the Asian guy. Really someone needs to make the girl part now because that is the most funny one to be.



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