Magic is or real yes there are two types of magic one that uses illusion while the other is something that only a magician would know what powers he has brought together in order to pull off the trick. Those second type of magic are huge and they are scary and creepy at times as well. The magicians that are famous for pulling off the second kind of magic tricks are Chris Angel and David Blaine. Both of them are equally creepy and their magic tricks are beyond someone’s sanity.

Here is Harrison Ford our very own Indiana Jones and he is in a process to do a trick with David Blaine and right from the beginning we can see that he is pretty darn afraid of the guy. He was told to pick a card out of the deck and then keep the number in his mind. Later on he told him that his card has left the deck and he can even check it for confirmation. But what he does next was what is known to be the biggest creep show. He asked Ford to grab any fruit that can be cut through into a perfect half. So they chose an orange and to everyone’s surprise there it was the car was inside a perfectly sealed orange and this is where Ford declares Blaine needs to get the f*ck out of his house.



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