Assume that you are in a bar and some guy just comes up to you, starts chatting and when you get so involved in your surroundings he spikes your drink without you even realizing it. Do you have any idea about the possibility of happening something like that to you or any of your friends? May be? This video shows how easy it is to drug a girl’s drink in a bar. Gratefully, date rapes are not really common, but it happens. Date rape has been increased in the past few years which have turned it into a concerned social issue.

Here is an interesting video by Joey Salads who will demonstrate that how easy it is spill a pill in the girl’s drink while she is having a good time at a bar. He carries out this special social experiment where go goes to different bars and start talking to some girls, no matter if they are alone or with their friends, you can see how easy it is for him drug their drinks. So, if you are going out to have a drink, be sure to keep your drink safe and remain cautious at all times.



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