Christians that strictly follow the rule of God and deeply believe in His blessings know how good it feels to sing in the name of the Lord and to pray every day, walking all the way to the Church to hear the words and wisdom of the Lord that benefits the human race and the society to better their ways among themselves and the rest of the world. For people who do not believe in the merciful ways and nature of God are often found to be looking out for Him in times of need or despair.

John Newton the writer of this beautiful and soulful hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ too did not know any religion till he was a grown up and one day found himself looking out for God whilst in the middle of the wretched sea. From that day on there have been numerous versions of the hymn itself and it is equally a pleasure to hear them all. Il Divo has recorded their mind blowing and heartwarming version of the Amazing Grace and it soothes your mind and soul to the highest level. The men have such warmth and depth to their voices that you are feeling drowning in to the soul of the original lyrics.



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