We all know that most of high school and middle school reunions are ball rooms and big gymnasiums with disco casual lightening and decent music. But, this middle school reunion is one of a kind that occurred in court room. It is most likely that you bump into your middle school friend on a street or a super market, but meeting in a court room as a judge and defendant is really unsuspected. Watch this video of this poor defendant who gets completely emotional after seeing his middle school friend. Glazer and Arthur Booth attended the middle school together and got really emotional meeting like this in a court.

In this video, you can see this guy who gets emotional during a court hearing when he saw his middle school friend after he was arrested by Hialeah Police. Arthur, a 49 year old man, was arrested on several charges which consist of burglary, grand theft, fleeing and resisting in police pursuit. When these two former middle school friends meet at a total unsuspected place, they get expressive and emotional. The guy must hav13e realized all the bad decision he made in his whole life. Booth and Arthur repeatedly expressed how they felt and Glazer have him some words of encouragement.



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