Men have always been looking down at women for being too weak and have always prejudiced them for things that they have thought have been a man’s forte. But the world has changed and so one has to change along with it. Women have been aspiring to become leaders of almost all the major professions in the world and they have gone like a real long way. The times when the women were not even allowed to vote to the time when female entrepreneurs have taken down major man handled businesses in the world.

Here in another field that has always thought of being a man’s job is fighting. A woman will now get into a man’s gym and prove them all wrong. This is the actress for the prank who indeed is a professional Muay Thai Fighter and buy the look of it she is pretty fierce in her attack and defense. So she initially acts out for being that nerdy girl who has just popped inside the gym for some fun and stuff but when she asks guys to have her inside the ring and like teach her some moves, the men didn’t know what they are putting themselves into. This woman made sure that every man that she fought with goes straight to the floor and she worked for it too.



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