We have grown old into our teens watching those sometimes cute and the rest of the times creepy series of Dinosaurs that were a hit on various kids channels and were even dubbed in a hundred other languages. They were the thing back in that time. In fact if you still sit and think of it that idea was a genius, nobody till date has thought of recreating such an idea where there is real life working Dinosaur family.

Just like any other cartoon based family for example like, The Simpsons, or The Family Guy, the fatherly figure known as Earl was the backbone of the show. Like most of the dads in the world he too was a chubby little guy who thought too less of himself and worked a never ending dead job and faced life issues on a day to day basis. The show was long forgotten till about a couple of days ago when a random Youtuber popped up a mashup video portraying Earl on the yesteryear’s hit of Notorious Big called, ‘Hypnotize’. Every bit of the song is mashed up so perfectly with those clips that this video seems more of a hit than his original video back in those days. The guy indeed has done a great edit job and the idea itself is a blast.



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