When you get yourself dog it is important that you keep extra ordinary care of the animal. Because it is not only your moral obligation to do so but also a legal obligation that allows you to keep an animal but in no way be abusive with it in any way. People absolutely love their dogs and cats and this is like the best thing that ever happens to a family because these are simply those bundles of joys that won’t ever let you sit in peace and will love you till you die.

But some animals are pure thugs because they don’t believe in taking anyone’s sh*t. not even their owner’s crap. Whenever people are out to walk their dogs it is always recommended to keep them in leash because you may never know what is going on in a dog’s mind and when they decide to get out of control. That’s why leashes are often not handed over to kids because they fail to handle the power but this dog took the entire thing to a whole new thug level by dragging this huge man behind him and this all looks so hysterical that it is hard to believe.



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