Almost 99% of the world’s population believes in getting free out of something, they fell in love with a deal instantly they see the advertise punched in anywhere, be it in the newspaper, magazine, in a flyer or on the billboard. Whenever it says Buy 2 Get 1 Free, or stating that there is a bundle offer or a deal, the mind immediately responds that whatever the thing is it is definitely worth the money because you will be getting much more than what you paid for.

But this man right here is one exception out of the 1% people who absolutely hate getting free stuff. When the staff at Mc Donald’s handed him over an extra bottle of Coke, he couldn’t resist getting into an argument with them over that free bottle. He kept repeating that same fact that when I have paid for one why they are giving me two bottles. Today is the day when I will have a single bottle of coke and yet you are pressurizing me to go away with two bottles. Not only is he willing to leave the bottle but he is also not willing to give that bottle to someone else or to keep it for the next day.



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