Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 2.48.32 PmPolice got a call of a mentally ill black man walking down the street making lewd comments to women and shoot him dead just minutes after their arrival in Macon, Ga.

Police said the rookie officer, working on Neighborhood Patrol, responded to the location and followed the suspect while waiting for backup to arrive.

That’s when the suspect then stopped a vehicle with a family inside to ask for directions. The officer feared for the safety of the family so police say he gave loud verbal commands for the suspect to move away from the vehicle.

A witness also told police that Robbins told the victim to “show his hands” before the shooting occurred.

The victim cooperated with the officer by putting his hand up but ended up being shot multiple times after dropping his pacifier from his mouth.

Robbins is on routine administrative leave while the investigation into the shooting continues.




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