You know as per law, if a person under 18, basically a child, commits a crime, they have to go to juvenile prison, but this 16 year old was sentenced to adult prison for 5 years. It might sound unfair to some, but his crime was too heinous for a juvenile prison.

This video shows, Brandon Jaffe, a 16 year old crying in the court after the judge announced his jail time. This kid, was babysitting two kids aged 2 and 4 and was caught molesting them on a security camera. He was proven guilty and is now crying. Well too late, kid. With 5 years of prison and 10 years of probation it looks like he will be missing out on his youthful days just because of molesting two children. And well molesting a child is quite a disgusting act, and the sentence is well deserved. The victim’s father heartbreaking testimony made the judge take this extreme decision, according to the father no parent should go through the pains of explaining sexual activities to their little children. Brandon obviously would’ve thought the consequences wouldn’t be so punishing, but at least he and other kids who would come across this scenario would learn.



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