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Watch: Dana White Sees Undefeated Karate Teen Champion Fight for the First Time

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Sage Northcutt is one of the latest fighters who joined the UFC. He being a 19 year old teenagers does not seem to be very powerful to participate in the world kickboxing champion but it was to Dana’s surprise that he...

[ Rare Footage] Mike Tyson’s Professional Debut

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Mike Tyson made his professional boxing debut at just 18 years of age. The fight lasted 1 minute and 47 seconds. This rare footage shows what happened when they finally decided to unleash the beast

Watch: Roy “big Country” Nelson Proves You Don’t Need a 6 Pack and Big Arms to Fight

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Fighting business is tough, it’s all about striking with the right moves at the right time. And for that one obviously needs to be in shape, yeah? Well we all thought so too. But this guy proves us wrong in the most s...

A 4-year-old Wanders into a Pro Rugby Match, What Happens Next Had Me Cheering

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There are some instances when you manage to catch a rare moment even in the middle of a heated game. This is what the video shows you. In a charity game between New South Wales and the legendary Queensland, a 4-year-o...

Why the Ufc Signed This Undefeated Karate Teen Champion

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After winning his 5th consecutive professional MMA fight on Friday, teenager Sage Northcutt has become the latest fighter to earn a contract with the UFC. You'll understand why when you see what this dude can do:

Watch What Happens when Floyd Mayweather’s Bodyguard Steps into the Ring Against Rookie Boxer

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A bodyguard has to be tough and energetic, but all bodyguards are not the same. Floyd Mayweather is a professional boxer and one of the greatest fighters of all time. His bodyguard, however, seems to lack some fightin...

Watch Karelin Whose Career Record Was 887-2 Go Beast Mode

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Some call him the most feared athlete ever, others say he's the toughest man alive. Joe Rogan says he looks at his picture every month to remind himself of what a pussy he is. But don't take their word for it, see ...

The Only Known Footage of Britain’s Most Voilent Prisoner in a Fight

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Meet Mr. Charles Bronson, a well-spoken but weird guy, who’s known as the Britain’s most violent prisoner. He never killed anyone, but still has spent more time in prison because of his outlandish and strange crimes, ...

Holly Holm Whoops Jon Jones in Boxing Spar

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Holly Holm is surely a great boxer. Her incredible boxing skills are quite evident in the video, specifically her footwork and head movements. It is not just the way she attacks her opponent that is commendable, but a...

Watch Mike Tyson’s First Fight After Years in Prison

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Mike Tyson is a name that does not require any introduction. The Iron Man, as he is often called, is a good reflection as any of the kind of reputation he holds in the world of fighting and boxing. In this video, you ...

When Boxing Stepped into the Octagon

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This is what happens when a boxer steps into a octagon ring of MMA fight club. When boxing is combined with mixed martial arts the game totally takes a new turn. Even though, people cannot really tell what is going to...

Watch David Blaine Take a Huge Punch in the Gut by Kimbo Slice

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We all know about the amazing mystic things that David Blaine has been doing since many years. He had done some unbelievable things that can even make us question the human life. His magic tricks would leave your jaws...