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Strong Man Competition Ends with a Snapped Back

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A 22 year old Canadian athlete from Kitchener in Ontario was crushed by a 360 pound boulder while competing in the Bavarian Strongman Challenge held during the Oktoberfest in 2012. He was on the fourth and final bould...

Here is What Kimbo Slice’s Next Opponent Dada 5000 Can Do in the Cage

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Most people involved in the fighting business, especially in the heavyweight division must be familiar with Kimbo Slice. Those who don’t, he was a ‘youtube celebrity’ to whom luck was very kind, and is now turned into...

Ronda Rousey: I Was Willing to Die or Be Paralyzed Vs. Carmouche

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One would probably give up in a situation where their jaw gets dislocated, and they get so badly bruised that they can hardly go on. But champions are not made by backing down. It takes a true fighter to fight until t...

Meet Nikolai Valuev: the Tallest and Heaviest Boxing World Champion in History

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Heavyweight division requires some big and tough men. The tough and resilient make it as the champions, so if one has got what it takes, they might have some luck. Some passionate fighters, work out day and night, jus...

Ronda Rousey Spars with Pro Boxer and He Doesn’t Care She’s a Girl

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Ronda Rousey caused a stir last month when she graced the cover of Ring Magazine and spoke about being a boxer. Let's take a look back at when she sparred “The Raging Bull”, who has a pro record of 50-8-1 and doesn't...

Sonny Bills’ Incredible Act of Kindness After Rugby World Cup Final Goes Viral

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Many of us will be aware of the famous, Sonny Bills, a professional rugby player and also a heavy weight boxer. What’s really cute is when famous players have good skills and a kind heart as well! This man seems to be...

Conor Mcgregor Takes on the Mountain from Game of Thrones

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Size kinda does matter, just look at what was reported in the sun newspaper a few years ago when a pro Thai boxing champ was giving batista s**t saying all pro wrestlers are fake, which shortly followed by batista thr...

This is the Most Stunning Ufc Knockout We’ve Seen in a Long Time

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Kickboxing involves a lot of tough moves, hitting and jabbing, kicking and pinning the opponent down. It can sometimes be very serious and turn into emergency cases. A similar kind of scene happened at this Ultimate F...

Rare Footage of Brock Lesnar Performing Impossible “wheel of Death” in College

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Brock Lesnar, is an ex UFC heavyweight champion. Lesnar is known for his amazing wrestling skills; he is considered not only resilient and tough, but a combatant that knows how to survive in a field as rough as Wrestl...

All Hell Broke Loose During 31 Second Kickboxing Fight

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The tension in the air could be sliced between Tyrone Spong and Michael Duut, with both fighters having to be physically separated at the pre fight stare down by the referee. You could sense something big was about...

Karate Teen Champion Sage Northcut’s Ufc Debut Lasts 57 Seconds

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HOLY Crap! Teen karate champion Sage Northcutt just went HAM in his UFC debut getting the finish in only 57 seconds!!!

The Night Kimbo Slice Made James Thompson’s Ear Explode

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There have been tremendous chatters about the night Kimbo Slice ferociously knocked the hell out of James Thompson and his ear exploded and started bleeding. It was a fight that everyone will keep talking about for a ...

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