Friends are pretty nasty when it comes to knowing what pain they can putting their friends into with the pranks they have been planning. Some plans are puree genius and evil while others are simply evil and painful and one must actually stay away from evil and painful because you may never know how bad you end up hurting your friend or partner. So prank but always, always remember your limits because this is what saves other peoples’ lives.

These guys have gathered to make out the worst of a guy who has no clue what on earth are his friends asking him to do. He is simply acting like an innocent goat in front of all these people and he also happily volunteered for something that will probably mess up a lot of his things inside. The guys had a car airbag system dunked inside the tire at the bottom and with the second tire and a brick on the top they made the guy to sit over it. Then what they do is to have a countdown and with the car battery these evil pranksters simply blew the airbag away.



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