I love it when fools don’t know what’s going to happen next. This video will show you how a robber attacked a wrong person and realized it when it was too late. Aaron Jacobs was working at a counter of a gas store when a young man came up to him and started mumbling that he wants beer. Things started to look suspicious and then the guy took out a knife and tried to attack Aaron. The robber didn’t expect what was coming to him.

Aaron Jacobs is a former Marine instructor and a black belt in Karate and has also got a training of self-defense. The armed robber couldn’t have picked a worse target, could he? The robber was unaware of this, and when he attacked him, he was shocked. Aaron knocked out the knife from the robber’s hands easily and easily overpowered him by subduing him in an arm-bar submission. Jacobs only got some scratches and scars during the whole thing, but he was most worried about his store. In spite of the minor injuries, the only thing he was concerned about was the cigar rack and the chips rack he pushed the robber into. Jacobs pulled the man out of the store but unfortunately he got himself freed and managed to escape. The guy will never even think of attacking the BP gas station again.

The store was located in Kansas, which is a peaceful place, and now the people of Kansas have a hero to keep the place safer and more peaceful. Watch the video and see how Aaron Jacobs handles the attacker in a matter of minutes.



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