This little and incredibly adorable girl you see in the video is Rilee Thurber, a 5 year old little girl with a type of dwarfism which is known as Achondroplasia. However, she shows to the world that babies are full of cuteness and life, despite their size, and we love every second of it!

Rilee Thurber loves dancing and it is clear in this video. She moves and grooves to the famous “Shake it Off” song by Taylor Swift and boy, she sure knows how to pull those moves off! If this is her personality while dancing, we’d love to see the cuteness of her when she talks. However, if you – like us – can’t get enough of her cuteness, you can keep up with her too! After this video of Rilee dancing went viral, her mom, Angela, decided to start a page on Facebook and she calls it Smiles from Riley. Anyone can follow this page, where Angela regularly posts about Rilee and her condition. Regarding the page, Angela says, “I created this page because I have had many friend request and messages to follow Rilee. I plan to post more videos of her sassy attitude, photos, and also anything that can help spread awareness on dwarfism. Hopefully, Rilee can make you smile as she does many others!”



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