Do you believe in angels or miracles of God? If you don’t then this video will make you change your mind. Miracles and mysterious occurrences are very common around the world. Watch this extraordinarily interesting video when a guardian angel appeared at a scene where a young girl was trapped in her wrecked car after being hit by a drunken truck driver. Everybody there seemed to claim that they saw an angel lookalike priest appeared on the scene when the rescuers couldn’t do anything more to save that young girl. That girl’s fate was uncertain so she asked all the people around her to pray out loud. Just then a priest appeared out of nowhere. A rescuer said in his interview that the priest told us to calm down and relax; furthermore, he added now our tools will work and we will get this little girl out of the wrecked car.

After the girl was safely separated from the car and everyone turned to the priest to say thank you, he was gone. Now, the rescuers are searching every church nearby to find out who that man was. But, he is no where to be found. This incident truly describes that miracles do happen.



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